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Howdy Southway!

With this update, I want to give you some news and notes that will help us all navigate the start to 2019.  So here goes!



-First, on behalf of the staff, thank you for your generosity with our staff Christmas gifts!  Secondly, praise God with me for His generosity on display through you.  December saw you give $32,500 towards our general fund!  Way to go Southway!  This helps us enter 2019 in a stronger financial position, and will help us be more ready to respond to ministry opportunities as we journey on in 2019.   Pray with me that we would not see the typical “January bounce back.”  Traditionally, churches and non-profits have wonderful December months, corresponding with equally as woeful January months in giving.  Pray that we would not see that true of us this January.  



-We are going to leave our Christmas decor up this weekend, and will take it down during the week of January 7th.  Also, we are having a mini-Work Day on January 26th (more details to be given next week) to fix up odds and ends in both the main building and in the Annexes.  



-We will be having a mix of  in-house and guest worship leaders with us during January and February, as we take a breath and assess our needs for point leadership for worship.  This weekend, January 6th, we will have special guest Justin Smith and his wife Leslie to lead us as we worship God.  Justin and Leslie have led worship in their home church for the past few years, in addition to various ministries (summer camps, prison ministry services) and other churches.  Worship leaders upcoming include our own Joel Brown, and Stephen Cowart from Covenant Community Church.  


This weekend will see us kick off a two week mini-series called “Heart Condition.”  How is both your individual heart-health in terms of your walk with God, and how is Southway’s collective heart-health?  Then beginning on January 20th, we will kick off the first of six series dealing with the heart of Southway; our heart for prayer.  



-We will return to the weekly SCC Upcoming Events in a couple of weeks.  Further, the video blogs, and weekly prayer emails will be back soon.  In the mean time, check out Southway’s Facebook page ( for up-to-date announcements.  


All my love,